Chesapeake Cycles has the best selection of Indian, Victory, Triumph, and Zero motorcycles, and Vespa and Piaggio Scooters in Maryland!

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For 115 years Indian motorcycles have stirred the souls of riders and the all-new line of Indians is no exception.  Each bike is a proud display of what America’s original motorcycle company was built upon.  Engineering prowess.  Innovation. And iconic styling!  And now we can add: “Cruiser of the Year” and “Bike of the Year” winner honors to the long list of industry accolades!

triumph logo

TRIUMPH!  The word itself speaks volumes. For over 110 years Triumph has been winning races, breaking speed records, surviving wars and factory fires, and all along contributing to the ongoing story of one of the most iconic and influential motorcycles brands in history!

Chesapeake Cycles Triumph Speedmaster
Chesapeake Cycles Victory Octane
victory logo

Introducing the amazing new Victory Octane. With 1179 cc’s of raw American power, this bike is the most aggressive Victory Motorcycle ever built and the fastest! Styled with harder lines, sharper curves and subtle details that make it leaner and meaner than any other American Motorcycle! Stacked with 104 HP, 76 ft. lbs. of torque and under 530 lbs. Stock, it runs in under 12 second quarter mile and it can go from 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds. To call it a rocket might just be an understatement!

Vespa Logo Small

Vespa is simply the highest rated, smoothest-riding, longest-lasting, best-selling scooter brand in the world – period! If you have ridden a Vespa you’ll know why instantly. Vespa is not only the oldest Scooter Company in the world, but they remain the industry leader in engineering and design – constantly working to build the best performing and most reliable scooters ever made.

Zero motorcycle logo

For almost a decade, ZERO has been THE LEADER in electronic motorcycle engineering.  With the largest line-up in the category, and the highest-rated product line (check out all the awards), Zero has the right bike for you regardless of how or where you plan to ride.


For over 65 years, Piaggio has combined classic style with the latest technology to deliver the best scooters in the world. They launched the Piaggio line under their parent name as a way of delivering world-class scooters (much like their Vespa line), only at prices that are slightly less than traditional Vespas. Piaggio’s are no less a scooter mind you, it’s just that they are made with more bolt-on plastic (vs Metal) parts in Piaggio-owned factories outside of the main Vespa plant to deliver a more price-competitive unit.

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